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Universities in England

Universities in England have a well-deserved reputation for excellence, and are no longer the “bastions of elitism” as once alleged by cynics. The most well-known universities in England and the top universities in the world are Oxford and Cambridge. The face of these universities in England is changing as a more diverse student body is growing. In addition to accepting students from all over the world, there are many more students nowadays from disadvantaged backgrounds who show substantial academic merit and claim a place among the most prestigious universities in England.

Oxford and Cambridge Universities in England are comprised of many small colleges rather than one large campus. This network of colleges is the foundation for the university system. These colleges vary in appearance, flavor and size, and there are many colleges which date back to medieval times, while others are quite modern in appearance. Some colleges tend to specialize in certain subjects, while others offer a wide variety of topics for study. These universities in England are among the most visited and most widely respected in the world.

However, not all universities in England are like Oxford and Cambridge. London and Leeds universities in England are structured like typical universities elsewhere, and have different schools specializing in many areas of studies. Students can live in apartment buildings or in modern dorms and attend lectures in large halls and use libraries. In these city universities in England, there are many working part-time and married or mature students, and the number of international students continues to grow.

Other universities in England are designed for those who otherwise would not have time to be students. The Open University is a popular distance-learning system which enables people to earn degrees in their spare time. Through videos and other types of media, students can attend “lectures” and give in homework. For those who cannot attend conventional universities in England, the Open University is a good alternative.