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Queens of England

Just as kings are and have always been an important part of English rule, the queens of England have also played a role that has left its impact on the country. Some of the most famous queens of England have become a piece of history that should never be forgotten. One of the most famous queens was Anne, who took over the crown in 1702. Many believed that during her rule, she inspired the many great works of writing that were to come out England during that time period. Her reign ended in 1714 when she died at the age of 50. Queen Elizabeth was the daughter of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. She was very well educated and spoke many foreign languages, giving her an edge during her rule. While she was extremely important, many claim that she was short tempered and self centered. Rumors circulated that she had Mary Queen of Scots put in prison and executed so that she would have total control of the throne.

Lady Jane Gray was the younger sister of Henry VIII and ruled for a very short time starting in 1553. This took place because of the death of Edward VI. Eventually Lady Jane Gray was sent to the tower and beheaded because of her beliefs. She was convicted of treason but never let go of what she believed in, making her a hero to some. Queen Mary is perhaps one of the better known queens of England. She eventually married Philip of Spain, and ruled until her death in 1558. Her famous portrait, along with a portrait of Mary II, can be seen in the National Portrait Gallery. All of the queens of England have held an important role in the nation's development and history. Revered by many, these queens have become a symbol of the English rule, and an inspiration for many women around the world.