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Queen Elizabeth of England

Queen Elizabeth of England is one of the most high-profile personalities in the world, as well as one of the most highly-respected and well-traveled public figures. She has seen the Blitz on London, family drama and tragedy, survived rumors, accusations and even alleged assassination attempts. Queen Elizabeth of England is known for her resilience and “stiff upper lip” a kind of quiet toughness which captures the British personality and spirit.

Queen Elizabeth of England was born in 1926. She and her younger sister Margaret were educated at home, which was the custom of the Royal family at that time. However, during the war, Queen Elizabeth of England (who was then a teenage princess) insisted that she do something directly to help the war effort, and her father, King George VI, gave her permission to become a trained driver. After her father died in 1952, she was coronated Queen, and ushered in an era of post-colonialism when Britain gave up a sizable number of its colonies. Queen Elizabeth of England is the only monarch who is also Head of State of more than one independent nation.

There was some scandal in Queen Elizabeth of England’s personal life concerning her choice of husband, Prince Philip of Greece or Denmark, or Prince Philip Mountbatten. First of all, he belonged to the Greek Orthodox Church while the Queen belonged to the Church of England. He also had sisters who married Nazis, and was referred to by some members of the royal family as “the Hun.” The Queen mother admitted in an interview that she never quite approved of the match. Nonetheless, Queen Elizabeth of England prevailed and weathered the storm of criticism.

Few Heads of state have traveled as widely as Queen Elizabeth of England, and although recently she has cut back her visits since she is now 80 years old, she has remained active. In 1981, there was an assassination attempt in Canada, and she remained calm as bullets whizzed past her, a testament to British strength and determination.