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Prince Harry of England

Few personalities in England have attracted as much attention as Prince Harry of England. The third in the line of royal succession after his father, Charles, and his brother, William, Prince Harry of England is not to be outdone when it comes to media discussion. Like his mother, he has been bait for the paparazzi, like his grandfather, Philip Mountbatten, he has been known for some politically incorrect incidents. However, he has also worked actively forming charitable organizations and has a high rank the British Military.

Prince Harry of England is a Cornet in the Blues and Royals regiment of Household Cavalry of the British Army. He attended Wetherby school, Ludgrove school in Berkshire and Eton. After graduating, Prince Harry of England volunteered in a Lesotho orphanage before attending the Royal Military Academy of Sandhurst. In 2006, he was appointed as one of the new Commodores in Chief of the Royal Navy, and continued his charitable work by starting an AIDs organization the government of Lesotho.

Prince Harry of England has also courted controversy. There were some unkind rumors suggesting that his father might be James Hewitt, with whom his mother, the late Princess Diana, admitted an adulterous affair. Prince Harry of England met with the disapproval of Jewish and anti-fascist groups when he wore a Nazi costume to a party. Some difficult incidents that were handled more skillfully were his admission to smoking cannabis, for which his father instructed him to visit a rehab center briefly. There was also a run-in with the paparazzi during which the photographer ended up with a cut lip. However, many people were sympathetic with Prince Harry of England, who lost his mother as she was fleeing aggressive photographers. Many people believe that Prince Harry of England's attention-getting behavior stems from the fact that he is the 3rd in the line of succession, and may have feelings of insecurity and a desire to snatch attention away from his elder brother, William. Others cite the public drama of his parents' marriage and his mother's shocking and untimely death as causes for some of his scandals.