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History of England

England came into being in the 10th century and was originally settled by a group of people known as the Angles, which is where the word Anglican comes from. Scientists believe that humans inhabited England over 7000,000 years ago. Flint tools and other artifacts have been found in the areas of Norfolk and Suffolk. Over time, more and more people inhabited England because of its temperate climate. The history of England is one that is rich with passion and emotion. England shared a close relationship with the Romans, and had an amicable trading relationship with them at one time. By the 7th to 10th centuries, the Christians had quickly taken over and had established solid religious values in the country. Of course, the medieval period is one of the most interesting and important parts of the history of England. Many battles took place during this period including the Hundred Years' War. The Magna Carta was also signed during this time era.

In 1707, Scotland and England decided to merge to form what was then known as the Unified Kingdom of Great Britain. In 1800, Ireland also jumped into the picture. During this time, the Parliament of England was formed, which is one of the most significant elements of the history of England. The Palace of Westminster Abbey was built, giving a home to those participating in the country's governmental practices. Buckingham Palace was also built to serve as a home and iconic structure for England's King and Queen. Today, England is a booming country with a wonderful heritage. The city of London is England's largest city, and is a hub for culture, art, politics, theater, and fashion, to name a few. The country of England is known for things like soccer, interesting food, and the home of the world's most famous rock and roll band, the Beatles. The history of England goes back a long way, and its culture and people are very proud of their beloved country.