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England Rugby Team

Whether you are rooting for the Leicester Tigers, the London Irish, the London Wasps or the Leeds Tykes, you can find an England rugby team playing almost any day of the week, and there are many matches throughout the country and the world. The typical England rugby team consists of players who combine physical strength with mental acumen and have sophisticated strategies for defense and offense. It is said about an England rugby team that “football is a gentleman's game played by hooligans, and rugby is a hooligan's game played by gentleman.” While the allegation of “hooliganism” is meant in jest, there is no doubt that an England rugby team has gentlemen players who follow the rules and play with dignity and decorum. Rules for rugby in England are actually quite strict, since the game is potentially dangerous and there is no room for disorderly conduct, especially among the players.

The England rugby team originated in private boys' schools, evolved into University teams and developed from there into a Union England Rugby team. The game is a distant cousin to American football, and involves maneuvering the ball and passing it to other players in order to score a goal. Packs of players may try to get the ball from the opposing team by forming groups or parallel lines.

Rugby is a popular game throughout the world and is the national sport in some African nations, mainly because of the English influence. While many Americans are unfamiliar with the sport, they may find it more enjoyable than American football, and it is suggested that American tourist visit a match played by an England rugby team to get a sense of the sport. Many people enjoy the rough and tumble action of rugby and the challenge the game poses its players. Once you have seen an England Rugby team in action, you may become a rugby addict, and attend or watch games often.