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England National Anthem

The United States and Canada are only two examples of nations in the world who have a definite national anthem. This is not the case for England. The country has never officially designated one particular song to be the England national anthem. “God Save the Queen” is considered by most to be the England national anthem. The song can also be adapted to “God Save the King” when the leader in charge is male instead. While the song has many different verses, most of the time only the first and second are sung. Rarely will the England national anthem go beyond these two verses. The song is also sung in other nations including Norway and France. An interesting fact about the England National Anthem is that its tune is exactly the same as the United States song “My Country Tis of Thee.” Of course, the English version was written long before the U.S. adopted the melody.

Aside from “God Save the Queen,” there are other songs that could be considered the England national anthem as well. Perhaps the second most popular of these is “I Vow to Thee, My Country” written by Cecil Spring-Rice in 1918 after World War I. Another song that is patriotic and popular in England is “Land of Hope and Glory” which is used as the England national anthem at the Commonwealth Games. Whether you're a citizen of England or someone visiting, you will most likely hear “God Save the Queen” as the recognized national anthem even though it's never been officially designated as such. The song shows the world just how strongly England respects its monarchy, even today. It is also considered a hymn that is sung in many religious services throughout the world. The England national anthem is one that holds an important place in the country's tradition and pomp.