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England Football Players

The sport of football is known as soccer here in the United States, but in England, it is the country's most well loved sport. Fans are fanatical about England football players, and it's been joked that citizens often regard the players higher than their own ruler! The football team is called the England national football team, and is under the Football Association. The England football players have a particular uniform that they must wear, and for years it consisted of a large number on the shirt which was first instituted as uniform protocol in 1937 when they were worn in a match against Scotland. Before 1992, however, England football players did not wear their names on their jerseys. There are four basic categories of England football players: goalkeepers (or goalies), defenders, midfielders, and strikers. Famous football player David Beckham was a midfielder. The English team has played the famous World Cup tournament since 1950, and won the championship in 1966.

There have been many triumphant moments for the England football players. Some of the most notable moments include when the team beat out Germany to qualify for the World Cup in 2001. Another famous moment was when player Paul Gascoigne kicked a goal in to beat Scotland at Euro '96. Of course, there have been many other notable moments as well. It is important to realize how much the fans of England football players and their team really love the game, the sport, and the players themselves. Often, when England loses, there are riots in the streets and a game can actually turn into a serious situation. There is also a women's team, making the sport of football more accessible to the female fans. England football players are considered to be huge celebrities in the country of England, and their appeal has been one that has lasted for many decades.