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Climate in London England

The city of London is considered by most to be the economic center of Europe. The population of London is about 12 million and growing. Generally speaking, the climate in London England is temperate, and in the summer it rarely gets too hot. There is precipitation almost all year long, although the amount varies from month to month. The highest temperature ever recorded in London was 100 degrees which took place in 2003 during the famous European heat wave that year. The climate in London England is unlike much of Europe during the winter months in the sense that it does not accumulate much snow. Compared to many European cities, London's snowfall is below average with most accumulations coming in at under an inch. Many climatologists theorize that this is due to the sheer number of buildings and the proximity of them being so close together. These buildings tend to trap heat which is dispersed into the air, discouraging snowfall.

Many people call the climate in London England a microclimate or an urban heat island since it is such a bustling metropolis. A group of people called the London Climate Change Agency, or LCCA, have gotten together to brainstorm new ways the city can help keep the environment clean. This in turn will also affect the city's overall climate. Some of the ideas in development include adapting more solar power and reducing emissions from public transportation vehicles. There are many other organizations that are also dedicated to helping control and regulate the climate in London England as well as the overall environment. The term “London Fog” is popular due to the foggy climate in London England, and the rain made rubber boots a very common sight on people's feet. London is a city with a temperate, mild climate with above average rainfall and somewhat mild winters.