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Church of England

The Church of England is considered the very first established Christian church in all of England. While this is considered to be common knowledge, it is a seldom known fact that the church itself supports two basic religions. The first is the protestant faith, and the second religion is Catholicism. It is important to note that within the Church of England, there are many different people taking part in its rituals, including archbishops, vicars, priests, and other clergy members, to name a few. The Church of England was first developed many, many years ago and has evolved over the last few centuries. Even still, it is steeped in tradition that is hard pressed to be found anywhere else in the world. The church does not receive any money from the government, but operates solely on its members' donations and tithes. In addition, historic endowments help since the beautiful buildings have serious historic merit as well.

There are over 16,000 church buildings in all of England. The role of religion in the country is a very significant one. While Catholicism and Protestants are the two main religions, there are some Baptists and Evangelical sectors as well. The very first Church of England was created in Canterbury in the year AD 597, and was called St. Martin's. Today, one of the most well known churches in England is St. Paul's Cathedral in London. These beautiful buildings are the most visited of all building types for just about every area in England. Not only are they known for the intricate and beautiful architectural features, but they are also a place where people can come to reflect and pray. The Church of England has held a very significant role in the lives of its citizens, and continues to offer them a place of rest and renewal, as well as giving the country of England an identity and a strong belief system.