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Castles in England

One aspect of visiting the United Kingdom that cannot be ignored is touring the Castles in England. There are so many small and large castles in England that it is virtually impossible to discuss all of them in one place. The castles in England had a variety of uses, from housing kings during vacations to punishing the many prisoners within their walls. Some castles in England are in relatively good condition, while others exist in ruins, but are fascinating. It is a good idea to tour the castles in England to get a taste of what life was like for both prisoners and royalty hundreds of years ago.

Of all the Castles in England, perhaps the most famous is the Tower of London, which housed some of Britain's most notorious criminals and innocents throughout history. It was here that the young successors were placed by Richard III and allegedly murdered in his lust for power. The Tower was the favorite place to incarcerate prisoners and there is a museum in the tower which gives the visitor an idea of what life was like for the prisoner. However, the tower, like many other castles in England, is not for the faint of heart.

Many castles in England are more benign than the Tower, and are good not only for a casual visit, but can also be used as a venues for various occasions. Many castles of England have been converted into B& Bs to refresh and interest weary travelers. There are also conferences that are held in many castles of England. In addition to castle museums, many castles have beautiful gardens and mazes composed of high hedges forming labyrinths. Others have tunnels and dungeons which are good for exploring. Many castles in England are rented out for special weddings. Make room on your travel agenda to explore castles of England and step back in history.